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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Doors Open Oxford 2015 celebrate sports history

(News Release)

Where was the first recorded baseball game in North America played? Who won the tug-of-war contest at the 1893 Chicago World Fair?

Where is the World Crokinole Tournament held every year? What basketball team once formed the nucleus of Canada‘s Olympic team?

Doors Open Oxford answers all these questions with 18 sites showcasing Oxford County's rich sports heritage. Learn about our championship badminton club, our world class soccer facility as well as sailing, dragon boat racing, remote controlled aircraft and much more.  Please see the Doors Open Oxford 2015 press release (below) for more details.


Seventeen Oxford County Sites Open Up for Doors Open Oxford 2015- A Celebration of Sports History in the County

Woodstock, ON - On May 30th from 10 am- 5pm, Oxford County is opening its doors once more with seventeen locations offering more hands-on activities than ever! Experience unique celebrations of accomplishments across the county as it relates to our sports history. This a great event for families as it appeals to all ages.

Hands On Activities:
 Try flying a radio controlled airplane (Woodstock Radio Controlled Flying Club)
 Paddle a canoe or dragon boat crafted right in Oxford County (Pittock)
 Enjoy old fashioned children's games (Oxford County Museum School)
 Practice the art of Tai Chi (Fung Loy Kok, Taoist Tai Chi)
 Take part in an 1800s style game of baseball (Beachville District Museum)
 Learn the game of crokinole (Quelh’s Restaurant)
Celebrate in the County:
 Learn About Sports Champions
 The Tillsonburg Livvies (Annandale National Historic Site)
 Talk with local sports historian and learn about the Norwich Bicycle Club circa 1883 (Norwich and District Museum and Archives)
 Items from Ingersoll's Sports Hall of Fame (Ingersoll Cheese and Agricultural Museum)
 Walk across a bridge into a 10 acre park paradise (Otterville Park)
...and much more


Annandale National Historic Site, Patricia Phelps
"Annandale N.H.S. is excited to share the Tillsonburg Livvies' history with all of Oxford this coming Doors Open. On display will be Olympic basketball memorabilia from the 1952 and 1960 Olympics.

Quehl's Restaurant, Cindy Larsen "We're pleased to be representing Northern Oxford County. Tavistock has always been known for its sports events and we're excited to be sharing that history."

Kathie Richards, Doors Open Chair
"This is a great way for people of all ages to discover our rich sports heritage and have a fun day touring Oxford County...Start wherever you want and enjoy the day!"


Doors Open Oxford is under the larger umbrella of Doors Open Ontario events that take place internationally. The first Doors Open Ontario event was held in 2002 and has now spread across the province with larger crowds every year.

Doors Open Oxford Sites
Beachville District Museum
Dragon Boat
Pittock Conservation Area
Woodstock Radio Controlled Flying Club
Fung Loy Kok – Taoist Tai Chi®

About Doors Open Oxford
Oxford County has participated in Doors Open since 2004 and has highlighted many historic buildings, organizations, clubs, farms, factories and more over the years of participating in Doors Open Ontario.

Other contacts
Kathie Richards | Chair, Doors Open Oxford

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