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Friday, July 24, 2020

The Cottage Life Podcast is the perfect passenger for your long drive to the cottage

Toronto, ON  - Canadians get only 14 summer weekends a year to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head up to the cottage.The Cottage Life Podcast was created to help cottagers get more out of every single one of them and help add excitement to their drive.

Join Michelle Kelly, Editor-in-Chief of Cottage Life magazine, for a deep dive into what matters most to their audiences, from entertaining and maintenance to wildlife and the environment. The Cottage Life Podcast premieres on Thursday, June 25, just in time for the weekend. New episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays. The Cottage Life Podcast is available on all podcast platforms and cottagelife.com/podcast.

Over the course of eight podcast episodes, listeners will be treated to interviews with contributing Canadian writers from the magazine as well as stars from Cottage Life TV. Each episode will also include a cherished essay from the magazine’s 30-plus years of collections and a fun segment featuring a mystery nature sound familiar to cottage goers.

The Cottage Life Podcast is the newest addition to the Cottage Life multi-platform brand, which began with the magazine and evolved into a TV channel and highly-anticipated annual consumer shows, helping to deliver on its core mission to inform and inspire people who love the great outdoors.

“We’re always looking for new ways to connect with our audience. The Cottage Life Podcast allows us to do just that, and reach a new audience who shares our passion for the great outdoors and cottage country,” said Michelle Kelly, Editor-in-Chief, Cottage Life magazine, and host of the Cottage Life podcast. “We’ve put together a thoughtful line-up of segments that  anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy.”

Listen to the trailer for the Cottage Life Podcast here.

The first two episodes include:

  • Episode 1
    Thursday, June 25

    Let’s make some noise about...being quiet. We interview longtime Cottage Life contributor Leslie Garrett who wrote “Killing Us Softly,” in our June/July 2020 issue, about the importance of silence and its surprising effects on our wellbeing. Some noises, however, we love. Like the call of a loon. Deputy Editor Liann Bobechko decodes loon calls. And, in true cottage style, we revisit an essay about relaxing at the lake by award-winning writer J.B. MacKinnon.
  • Episode 2
    Thursday, July 2

    Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens, who is famous for living off the grid, shares her thoughts about what it’s like to live in isolation, especially during COVID-19, and offers advice to the cast of Life Below Zero Canada, the Cottage Life channel’s newest hit show. If you spend time in the wilderness, you might meet an otter—a silent and stealthy creature, until it’s not. Find out what sounds the otter makes and what they mean. One sound every cottager is familiar with is the buzz buzz of a particular pesky insect. We share a classic essay by David Zimmer about taming the mosquito.
Also new from Cottage Life:
Cottage Life TV is now available on Apple TV+ in Canada. Viewers can watch anywhere, anytime on their iPhone or iPad and download shows to watch offline. A Cottage Life-branded sticker pack of emojis is also available for download, free, in the App Store!

Follow us at @cottagelife. Where every day is the weekend.

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