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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Montreal buzz for September 2013

Fall head over heels for Montréal?s fall fun!
September 2013
Autumn?s always a favourite in Montréal: bright and bold colours, cutting-edge fashions, culinary delights and always, heaps of adventure. Focus your fall on soaking up art-music exhibitions, exploring Aboriginal art and music, sating your foodie cravings, scooping up designer styles and opening your ears and hearts to the indie music scene, Montréal-style.

For more information on activities in Montréal, visit our website, blog or image gallery. If you have any questions, don?t hesitate to contact us.
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Splendore a Venezia exhibition at the MMFA
It?s amore at the MMFA! Splendore a Venezia: Art and Music from the Renaissance to Baroque in the Serenissima is an exhibition that brings visitors back to Venice?s halcyon times?16th to 18th centuries?in art (with masterpieces by Titian, Tintoretto, the Tiepolos, Longhi and Guardi) and music. Complementing this feast for the eyes will be 20 concerts with period instruments.
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Beat Nation ? Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture at the MACM
If Beat Nation hung a sign, it would say: the Aboriginal identity has moved (on). And you can see where it?s at today at the Musée d?art contemporain. In this exciting new exhibition, Aboriginal identity and urban culture collide to create painting, sculpture, installation, performance and video. More performances and special activities will be organized ? keep your ear to the ground!
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TASTE MTL ? taking in our culinary scene one restaurant at a time
Maybe you?ve had a taste of it already, but the 2nd edition of TASTE MTL already has our taste buds swooning. From November 1 to 11, some 125 Montréal restaurants will offer prix fixe menus (3 courses ? 3 prices, $19, $29 or $39) for you to dive into. The gamut runs from ultra-chic restaurants to laid-back bistros to BYOWs and the fare promises to be fabulous.
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The Big Fashion Sale by Québec Designers
Having a bad wardrobe day? Then you need some Braderie time! Freshen up your style with four days of designer shopping at crazy low prices. Everyone (women, men, children), every body part (head to toe) and every style (ready-to-wear, sportswear, casual) are covered, so make a date with close to 100 Québec fashion designers from October 24 to 27.
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M pour Montréal brings you the city?s incredible indie scene
Need more convincing of Montréal?s indie music scene? Check out M for Montréal. Giving up-and-comers the chance to get spotted on local and national radars, this cozy music fest features a line-up of over 100 Canadian and international bands from November 20 to 23. Three full days of setting your tympanic membranes aquiver ? don?t miss it!
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Extraordinary experiences for the whole family
Montréal has a million surprises, bringing smiles to faces both big and small. Take advantage of a family visit to:
  • Improve your at mini golf handicap on Putting Edge Centre-Ville's fluorescent course
  • Compare your prowess at Formula 1 racing to F1 driver Sebastian Vettel: Vortex Racing
  • Explore the city by electric scooter with Dyad (helmets for children are available)
  • Experience a free-fall without a parachute at Skyventure, a simulation centre that's unique in North America (four years of age and up)
Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal
September 5 to October 5, 2013
More than 25 exhibitions deployed in different sites will transform the city into a vast yet coherent photography exhibition. This event will chart the changing relationship between the camera and the human body.

Gardens of Light at the Botanical Garden
September 6 to November 3, 2013
The two star features of the Botanical Garden, the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, will be illuminated at dusk to reveal two distinct atmospheres, each showcasing in its own way the outstanding beauty of nature.

International Freeski Film Festival
September 11 to 15, 2013
The IF3 stems from the need to group together in one event all the elements that constitute Freeski culture, in film, music, and photography.

POP Montreal International Music Festival
September 25 to 29, 2013
This festival brings a delectable menu of independent music in several venues around the city.
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