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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Women's LIFT Series April 30 at Oxley Estate Winery

Following Your Intuition with Love and Healing!

LIFT Series April 30th @ Oxley Estate Winery

We are a group that meets once a month (last Wednesday of every month) in the winter showcasing different wineries/venues in Essex County and brings together the most incredibly inspiring local ladies to connect, learn, laugh, enjoy a little wine and generally enjoy each other’s company and energy. This series is for women of all ages, occupations and industries that want to attend.

Back by popular demand, this is our second annual LIFT series. You may have heard the buzz around the county, come out to mix and mingle with like-minded women, to chat, inspire, and dream! Allow yourself to question, to blossom, to reinvent and to evolve within this community of like-minded women. Showcase your business, network and expand your community circle.

Cost $15 in advance ($20 at the door): includes guest speaker, light snacks, wine tastings & chance to win fabulous door prizes!

Please register on Eventbrite.
No refunds.
                        Kim Cavers
Kimberly Cavers is a multiple award winning hair artist who adores her job. She is the former Vice President of Childcan which is an organization that supports children with cancer and their families. She has helped raise close to one million dollars for Childcan. Kim once had a role in Eve Ensler's: The Vagina Monologues which led her to bond with women who had suffered much abuse and had come through on the other side. She loves to travel and at one time lived in Versailles, working as a nanny and studying the French language and culture in Paris daily. 
For Sue Rice's March 26th LIFT talk notes, click here for inspiring insights on how to tend to your garden- and grow your best life!
Kim takes peace in exploring nature with her dog Sidney and has discovered the exhilaration of 'Wind Therapy' in riding her motorcycle. The intensity of the game of hockey is her sport of choice and the camaraderie that follows is vitalizing. Kim is a student of life. She gardens, she sings, she is a daughter, a friend, a sister, an unofficial counsellor, an artist and a wife but first and foremost, she is the mother of two beautiful people, Tessa and Keegan.

Come out to Oxley for another great evening of Inspiration!
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