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Monday, September 1, 2014

Around the world by private jet, leaving from Canada in November

(News Release)

Surprisingly affordable, always an adventure

When people think about hopping on a private jet for a dream vacation, it remains just that, a dream.

Now Travel Guild Inc. is offering you the chance of a lifetime! Climb aboard a VIP Boeing 737 for an epic around the world adventure in 25 days. The flight originates in Calgary, stops in Kelowna to pick up more passengers, and on the way back, drops off at Toronto, Calgary, and Kelowna International airports. In between, it is nothing but pure adventure.

But wait, a private jet… around the world… it’s got to be very expensive… right?  Wrong! Consider the out of pocket costs for almost a month of five star accommodations and restaurants, not to mention air fare, transportation costs, guided sightseeing tours, exotic evening events, visas and tips, entertainment and shows, and a safari! One would think an adventure like this would be well over $2000 a day. It’s not. This around the world by private jet vacation is $32,995 US and a very affordable $2,995 supplement for the single traveler. Couples, groups and singles will enjoy meeting and traveling with like-minded individuals.

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