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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ride the "Terror Train" for a Halloween trick or treat

(News Release)

WATERLOO, Ontario -- Are you brave enough for a night of terror on the rails? 

Bingemans and the Waterloo Central Railway have come together to deliver an experience like no other in Canada, this Halloween immerse yourself in an apocalyptic adventure along the rails on The Terror Train!

The unthinkable has happened… an unknown virus is infecting the region and overrunning it with dangerous and unpredictable mutants.
The roads are impassible, airports are shut down and the only way out is on The Terror Train!

On Wednesday, October 31, guests will gather at the Train Museum in St. Jacobs at 7 p.m. to start their journey to an undisclosed evacuation compound. Guests evenings will start with a cash bar reception and everyone will receive a “vaccine” shooter (non-alcoholic versions are available), which may or may not help keep them safe from being “infected” themselves.

The Terror Train will depart shortly after the reception and guests can expect a ride that will haunt their nightmares for years to come.

Tickets for the Terror Train only are $39.95 but guests can purchase a combo which includes the Terror Train and admission to Screampark for just $49.95. Screampark is only open until Sunday, October 28 so guests must visit Bingemans prior to Halloween.

More details about the Terror Train can be found on the Waterloo Central Railway website and information about Screampark’s operating hours is on Bingemans’ website.


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