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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Theatre Woodstock presents Soldier’s Heart by David French

WOODSTOCK, ON – Theatre Woodstock is presenting Soldier’s Heart from February 8th to 16th at the Market Centre Theatre.

Sixteen-year-old Jacob Mercer stands on a railway platform in Bay Roberts, Nfld. in 1924 after a violent fight with his father.

Six years earlier, Esau Mercer returned from the Great War a damaged man, never able to speak of his time in the trenches. The true beginning of the Mercer family saga.
Soldier’s Heart is a uniquely Canadian and heart-wrenching production written by David French.

It brings to the stage a jarring reminder that, for our veterans, the past is never very far away.

It is also highlights the importance of passing down our stories from generation to generation, lest they be forgotten: “We believe that our stories are our most cherished inheritances” said Jennifer Paquette, Soldier’s Heart director, in a letter to Mr. French.

In the play, we follow the story of Esau and Jacob Mercer, played by Jason Paquette and Jacob Paquette (respectively) as they struggle to overcome the wall that Esau’s time with the Newfoundland Regiment has erected between them.

With the help of Esau’s war buddy Bert Taylor, portrayed by Ian Culley, will Esau and Jacob be able to heal themselves of the secrets that have haunted the Mercer family for years?

Director, Jennifer Paquette, invites audiences to “come and see a real life father and son portray a father damaged by his time spent in the Great War and the son who desperately wants to know why. 

Soldier's Heart is a moving piece of theatre that illustrates the effects of war on the men who fought and also on those who love them. Don't miss Jacob Paquette play his namesake, in the role that his father Jason brought to Woodstock audiences more than twenty years ago.”

Please note this production contains mature language and content.
Woodstock Little Theatre is an award winning non-profit live-theatre located in Woodstock, Ontario and has been providing professional quality theatre in our community for over 65 years.

Performance dates: February 8, 9, 10 (matinee), 14, 15, 16
Director: Jennifer Paquette
Producer: Kelly Douma, Chris Mattews

Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for students and $12.00 for children under 12. They are available for purchase at the Market Centre Box Office (519) 537-2582, Highlander Studios/Trinity Gallery (654 Dundas St.) or online at www.theatrewoodstock.com

For more information please contact Theatre Woodstock at gm@theatrewoodstock.com or by calling (519) 537-2582. You can also reach Catherine Renaud at renaud-c@hotmail.com or (519) 701-0145 and you can follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/WL_Theatre

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