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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Canada’s Wonderland reopening update; Wonderland celebrates 40th anniversary; Walt Disney World’s 50th.

UPDATE: Canada’s Wonderland is reopening on July 5 for Season Passholders and July 7 for All Guests - Tickets & Reservations Available Now

Learn more about our park safety protocols and reservation requirements, and buy your tickets now. All the details are here at these links:



  (Previous feature story below)

  By Jim Fox

   It’s ironic that Walt Disney – the mastermind behind Mickey Mouse — was afraid of mice.

   Disney spent his life imagining a “magical dream” come true of creating theme parks as “happy places” for families to visit.

   They’ll be blowing out the candles on Oct. 1 to mark 50 years since the opening of Walt Disney World in Florida.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse will welcome guests in their new EARidescent costumes.       
   There will also be theme park memories for the 40th anniversary of Canada’s Wonderland, in Vaughan, north of Toronto, on May 31.

   Walt closely supervised the development of Disneyland in California in1955 while his brother Roy took over to complete Walt Disney World as a tribute to Walt after his death in 1966.

   The dream was to create an innovative “destination resort” that would appeal to all ages.

   Soon after it opened, my wife Barbara and I honeymooned in Florida to see what all the hype was about.

   We were dazzled by this it’s-not-your-Coney Island-style amusement park beyond the Mad Tea Party giant spinning cups’ ride and the Jungle Cruise.

A passport cost just $5.75 for the opening of Walt Disney World. (Jim Fox photo)

   It wasn’t pricey then with general admission at $3.50 and for us almost adults $5.75for admission, 11 park adventures and monorail rides and all transportation.

   The opening featured the Magic Kingdom park and the Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Village and Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground as well as two golf courses.

   Within the kingdom were Fantasy, Tomorrow, Frontier and Adventure l ands along with Liberty Square and Main Street businesses and souvenir outlets.

   Now the resort still has the four theme parks, two water parks, an expansive shopping and dining complex, 27 themed resort hotels and two more golf courses.

   One of the most endearing attractions from the start at Walt Disney World has been It’s a Small World.”

   Legendary attractions include “It’s a Small World” where boats cruise past a “jubilant chorus” of life-sized costumed child dolls from around the globe.

   There’s also EPCOT, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a pet project of Walt’s that combines Future World and World Showcase.

Special anniversary lights will make Spaceship Earth resemble a starry night at Walt Disney World.

   Its pavilions highlight the customs and food of 11 countries including Canada.

   Over the years, added were the Disney-MGM Studios, Pleasure Island nightclub-themed park with theatres, Typhoon Lagoon water playground, Animal Kingdom zoo and Disney Vacation Club time-share accommodations.

   Disney liked to say it’s “the happiest place on earth,” and, yes kids, you can bring your parents.

   To find out more: disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA

   Wonderful, wonderful

   Canada’s Wonderland gave the country its first major roller-coaster-and-thrills theme park.


The retro wooden Mighty Canadian Minebuster was one of the five original coasters when Canada’s Wonderland opened.
 Now marking its 40th anniversary, there were 30 rides that first year and it remains Canada’s largest theme park.

   It now has 17 coasters, making it one of the top three destinations of its kind in the world.

   Five of the coasters were operating when the park opened: Dragon Fyre, Ghoster Coaster, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Thunder Run and Wilde Beast.

   Minebuster was one of three wooden coasters and remained in service for 29 years.

   It was modelled after Shooting Star, a coaster at the smaller Coney Island amusement park in Cincinnati.

Crowds turned out on the 1981 opening day at Canada's Wonderland.

For kids, there was Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera and the tamer Ghoster Coaster, a junior wooden ride, and now there’s Planet Snoopy and KidZville.

   The Kingswood Music Theatre debuted in 1983, Splash Works in 1982 and in 1997, Drop Tower, later renamed Scream Zone.

   Its star attraction is Yukon Striker, featuring a 90-degree drop into an underwater tunnel and called the world’s longest, tallest and fastest dive coaster at 130km/h.

   The park now has more than 200 attractions including 77 rides and Splash Works. canadaswonderland.com

    Zoom, Zoom

    It’s tough to plan a celebration when you’re stuck in the middle of a pandemic.

   But the shows must go on and if not there in person, Walt Disney World and Canada’s Wonderland have numerous virtual visits and videos online on YouTube and elsewhere of events in their parks.

   There are also numerous roller coaster videos on social media as the white-knuckle thrill seekers wait to get back into the parks.

   Disney’s event is called the “World’s Most Magical Celebration,” and runs for 18 months.


  For the 20th anniversary, there was a carnival of Disney characters at a street party. 

 Events named so far include Cinderella’s Castle decorated with ornaments, a special anniversary crest and gold bunting. At night, the castle will appear to be covered in pixie dust.

   Mickey and Minnie’s costumes will feature varying shades of EARidescent purple and teal fabric.

   Each park icon will become a “Beacon of Magic” as they receive a new look via projection technology for the occasion.

   At night, the Tree of Life will appear to be covered with glimmering fireflies and “special new touches” will come to Hollywood Studios’ Tower of Terror.

   EPCOT will have new lights that will shine across the reflective panels of Spaceship Earth, “connecting to one another in a symbol of optimism resembling stars in a nighttime sky.” The iconic structure’s permanent new lighting will continue beyond the celebration as a defining feature of the park.

The super-fast and scary Yukon Striker brought the latest in coaster thrills to Wonderland.

   Canada’s Wonderland had wanted to mark the anniversary with a new attraction, Mountain Bay Cliffs, where visitors can experience the exhilaration of cliff jumping from a variety of heights into the water below.

   There was also to be the Beagle Brigade Airfield, a plane ride for kids, but no further special events have been announced.


Jim Fox can be reached at onetanktrips@hotmail.com

For more One-Tank Trips: http://1tanktrips.blogspot.ca  


Monday, May 10, 2021

The Canadian/U.S. Border Conundrum/Double Standard

 by William L. Seavey Author, AmeriCanada?  Cross Border Connections and the Possibilities for Our 'One Big Town' (Amazon)

My wife, Canadian-born (Ontario), is a permanent resident of the U.S. (who retains her Canadian citizenship).  She would dearly love to visit her home country again...sometime...soon.
Before Covid Canadians and Americans could pretty much travel freely across the northern border (the 49th parallel).  After all, the U.S. and Canada are allies, share a big continent, most speak English, and there is no issue about "illegal immigration" and undocumented workers or refugees as there is between Mexico and the southern U.S. 

Which makes what is going on right now rather crazy.

It is true that Canada has had some serious outbreaks of Covid in Ontario and British Columbia, two provinces we would like to visit.  Eleanor has kin in Ontario and a family member has a condo in Victoria.  We also have friends in Victoria who regularly apprise us of border issues. (We both are fully vaccinated).

It is true that many Canadians--at least those not involved with tourism--are or have been skeptical of the value of American visitation much less emigration.  During the Trump years there was rancor and even spitefulness.  Donald Trump forced a renegotiation of the NAFTA accord, which became USMCA-- insisting there was unfairness in trade due to Canadian tariffs.  So he imposed some tariffs of his own.  

Yet Canada has been our most stable trading partner as we have been its most dependable source for nearly everything except lumber and dairy products..  (Now, in turn, Biden has appeared to be punishing Canada by freezing the Keystone Pipeline project in deference to his proposals for encouraging "green" energy.)

But none of this seems to be the reason why Canada side border officials are making life difficult for returning Canadians and vacationing Americans.  And the U.S. is virtually banning Canadiian visitors (even innocuous snowbirds). In the case of  Americans, they are simply not welcome in Canada unless they are involved with needed cross border trade or have some government-oriented function that involves the two countries.  

Canadians who are "stuck" in the U.S. and who arrive by plane are now required to quarantine in their home country for three days in a government approved hotel (of which there are several dozen).  Many say that these hotels are much worse than quarantining in their own homes--staff often doesn't follow the rules for sanitizing baggage etc.  And  they can be subject to a $3000 fine for not doing it.  IF they test negative for Covid, they can then go home for the remaining 11 days--but still in quarantine,  Several hundred Canadians have already been given fines, according to the CBC.

Good grief.

As an American married to a Canadian, I could possibly get permission to visit Canada but would also have to quarantine.
Since a vacation is rarely more than two weeks for us, we'd be ready to go home by the time we were "let out."  That's a non-starter.

Just to be sure, you should check the Canadian embassies in major cities (such as in San Francisco) for the latest rules and regulations.  Hopefully, they will change for the better by late summer or early fall.   I promised Eleanor another trip on the Rocky Mountaineer for our anniversary.  The company must really be hurting without American tourists.

______Seavey website: retirementpossibilities.net.  Phone (805) 395-1174

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Elvis fans in virtual wonderland, thank you very much!


   By Jim Fox

   Elvis may have left the building but interest in his life and times is a hot commodity in these days of virtual touring.

   In fact, so successful and popular were the first-of-their-kind and sold-out virtual tours of Graceland, Elvis’ mansion and property in Memphis, Tennessee, that more opportunities are being offered.

   After the first virtual tours, Graceland announced new dates for the initial tour and added three more options.

 A youg Elvis outside his mansion, Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. (Photo: Elvis Presley Enterprises)

   Each one of the guided tours lasts two hours and offers a behind-the-ropes look at various parts of the Graceland campus such as the Mansion, the Lisa Marie jet, Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment and Exhibit Complex, and the top-secret Archives facility, where Elvis' personal items not on display to the public are stored.

   “The response to the Graceland Virtual Live Tours exceeded our expectations,” said Debbie Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at Elvis Presley Enterprises.

   “We had participants from 22 countries – many of whom received the tour as a gift from a friend or family member – and received rave reviews. We are happy to expand the Virtual Tour options to reach Elvis fans around the globe based on their feedback,” she added.

   They are hosted by one of the world’s foremost experts on all-things Elvis Presley, Vice President of Graceland Archives and Exhibits Angie Marchese.

   She is providing the virtual live tours giving guests a behind-the-scenes VIP experience with unique highlights and an in-depth look into Elvis’ life.

   The artifacts spotlighted and stories told will vary from tour to tour, making each experience unique, and viewers will have the opportunity to ask Angie questions throughout the event.

   The tours are presented live through a private, closed Facebook group and are archived for one week after the live event so guests can watch it again as many times as they would like.

   The week-long window will accommodate guests in all time zones to enjoy the tour at their convenience.

   Here’s a rundown on the four different tours offered along with added dates:

   THE ARCHIVES VAULT Available April 12

   This unique and intimate tour takes guests inside Graceland's Archives Building, the top-secret facility where Elvis' personal items not on display are stored. An extremely limited number of Graceland staff members are even allowed access into this facility.

   The tour allows guests to see first-hand some of the thousands of artifacts that can only be seen through this virtual experience. During this unscripted tour Angie will provide stories and insights that cannot be heard or seen anywhere else.

   Do you want to see what no other Graceland visitors can see? Join host Angie Marchese inside Graceland's top-secret facility where Elvis’ personal items are stored. Only about 10% of our collection is on display to visitors, and we're excited to open up the vault for our guests to see first-hand some of the thousands of artifacts that can only be seen through this virtual tour experience.


Curated to follow Elvis’ life journey, Angie guides an in-depth tour of the state-of-the-art Elvis Presley's Memphis Entertainment and Exhibit Complex, the most comprehensive Elvis museum in the world. This tour focuses on the things that Elvis loved and the history of events that inspired him.

   It includes one-of-a-kind stories about artifacts currently on display from the extensive Graceland Archives, including Elvis' favorite cars and motorcycles, wardrobe and set pieces from his iconic '68 Special and Aloha From Hawaii concerts, his collection of gold and platinum records, his jumpsuits worn on tour, and memorabilia from his movies.

   Guests will also get a unique insight into how Elvis has been a music pioneer that paved the way for many of today's celebrities, through Elvis-inspired items from artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Dolly Parton, and others.


   Our original virtual tour, this is recommended for first-time guests. Angie will conduct a behind-the-ropes look at the Mansion, a tour of the Lisa Marie jet and a walk through Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment and exhibit complex. During the live two-hour guided tour guests will see various artifacts, including Elvis’ cars, jumpsuits, gold records and movie memorabilia.

    THE MANSION May 24

   This tour goes behind-the-ropes with Angie on a deep dive into Graceland Mansion and grounds and explores the personal side of Elvis Presley through unique highlights of the world-famous home, and one-of-a-kind stories that give guests a closer look into Elvis’ life. This in-depth tour of Graceland Mansion begins at Graceland's front door and continues to Vernon Presley’s office, where his father managed the star's personal business and oversaw the management and staffing on the grounds of Graceland.

   Next is a visit inside Elvis’ trophy building, which has been newly updated to tell the personal story of Elvis and his family. The tour continues to Elvis' recently restored racquetball building where guests will see Elvis' racquetball court and the luxurious lobby area complete with his pinball machine and piano. The tour will conclude at the Meditation Garden, where Elvis and members of his family have been laid to rest.

 Tickets are $98.50 US a person at Graceland.com or by calling 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 for international callers.

    “We are thrilled to now offer Graceland Virtual Live Tours to Elvis fans around the world,” said Debbie Miller, CMO, Elvis Presley Enterprises.

   “In a typical year, Graceland hosts visitors from over 125 countries and from all 50 states. And, although Graceland remains open for limited capacity in-person tours, now, more than ever, people are looking for quality entertainment experiences they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

   “For those who have always wanted to visit Graceland but never had the chance, to those who’ve been here many times and are looking for a bespoke Graceland experience, this tour is for them,” she said.

   For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit www.graceland.com

   To see my earlier syndicated newspaper/web feature on the tours:


 About Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Memphis, is music’s most important and beloved landmark, with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world visiting the historic home each year. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) manages the operations of Graceland and its related properties, including Elvis Presley's Memphis, Graceland's entertainment and exhibition complex over 200,000 square feet in size; the new 80,000 square feet Graceland Exhibition Center featuring rotating exhibits; the AAA Four Diamond Guest House at Graceland 450-room resort hotel; and the Graceland Archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ home and career. EPE also produces and licenses Elvis-themed live events, tours, and attractions worldwide. Graceland Holdings LLC, led by managing partner Joel Weinshanker, is the majority owner of EPE. Graceland is the only attraction worldwide to ever receive eight USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards including “Best Holiday Historic Home Tour,” “Best Tennessee Attraction and Iconic Landmark,” “Best Musical Attraction,” “Best Historic Southern Attraction,” and the #1 “Iconic American Attraction.” The TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards named Graceland the most popular attraction in Tennessee and one of the top 25 landmarks in the world and Rolling Stone named it one of 10 Great American Music Landmarks.


Friday, March 26, 2021

Ontario Waterpark Operators are Ready to Open in 2021


March 16, 2021

 Looking forward to working with the Province on a safe re-opening plan

 NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. — Waterpark operators across Ontario are ready to open this summer.

Great Wolf Lodge

Hope is building that the end of the pandemic is near, hope that is most certainly present in the tourism industry where many businesses and attractions have been working hard to develop re-opening plans in anticipation of an exciting — but safe and responsible —2021 season.

“We have been working hard with the province to create safe re-opening plans and appreciate the efforts from the Ministry of Tourism to be our partner towards making sure we have a 2021 season,” says Keith Simmonds, General Manager of Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls and a member of the Waterparks of Ontario Coalition. “But we are at a critical point right now. Having been closed for more than a year, we will need three months to prepare for the summer weather — to get the equipment ready, recruit staff and ensure they are properly trained on the safe re-opening guidelines.”

 Ontario was the only jurisdiction in Canada — and one of the few in North America — that kept water and theme parks closed last summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But experiences and data from 2020 overwhelmingly supports waterparks being able to open and operate safely.

 According to statistics from the World Waterpark Association – Canadian Committee, in those areas where waterparks did open, there was no evidence of COVID-19 cases or transmission, assuring a safe re-opening in Ontario in 2021 is possible:

 There were no reports of COVID from any waterpark in Quebec.

  • The waterpark in West Edmonton Mall opened safely and operated without a COVID incident.
  • Great Wolf Resorts operates 18 indoor waterparks across North America; the Niagara Falls location is one of only four that was not allowed to open over the past year. But across the other 14, they welcomed nearly 390,000 guests in 2020 and the early part of 2021 without a single investigation from a public health unit regarding any potential COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Eight of the 12 waterparks in North America operated by Premier Parks opened in 2020 (Wet’n’Wild Toronto was not one of them), and they hosted more than one million guests over the season. There were no COVID-19 outbreaks or investigations of suspected COVID-19 cases at any of the parks in that time. 

Water and theme parks have a culture of safety that is intrinsically ingrained in every aspect of their operation and safety training for staff is extensive.

 Further, the Canadian Lifesaving Societies reports there is no evidence of COVID-19 being spread through water, and various health studies and the United States’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention have found chlorine kills the COVID virus in a second.

 Outdoor waterparks also have the advantage of the ultraviolet rays from the sun killing the virus, and indoor parks have massive air space with state-of-the-art circulation — some including ultraviolet equipment — that is a highly efficient fresh air system.

 “Waterparks have chlorinated pools, ultraviolet light from the sun and specialized equipment and fresh air to fight the spread of the virus, not to mention enforcing physical distancing and other safety measures to keep guests and staff safe,” says Keith. “We have seen by experience that even in a pandemic, waterparks are a perfectly safe option for a fun family staycation.” 

 Allowing water and theme parks to open will also be a boost for the entire tourism sector, and Ontario’s economic recovery in general.

 “Water and theme parks are key players in Ontario’s tourism industry, providing thousands of jobs for young people and attracting visitors who also stay in local hotels and eat in local restaurants,” says Keith. “As part of a ‘staycation’ strategy to help the tourism industry rebound and get families out and about, waterparks are an integral part of the Ontario Reopening Plan.”

 About the Waterparks of Ontario Coalition:

Representing six waterparks and one theme park across the province, the Waterparks of Ontario Coalition was formed to advocate for the safe re-opening of their attractions for the 2021 summer season. Its members include Bingemans Big Splash, Calypso Waterpark, East Park, Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge, Santa’s Village and Wet’n’Wild Toronto


For more information, please call

 Stephen Murdoch
Vice President, PR
M- 289-241-3997
Twitter: @canadianprguy

Cottagers Plan for Brighter Days with a Free, Fun and Interactive Event: The 2021Virtual Cottage Life & Outdoor Living Show


The Annual Spring Cottage Life Show Helps Cottagers Plan for Brighter Days with a Free, Fun and Interactive Event: The Virtual Cottage Life & Outdoor Living Show

The Virtual Cottage Life & Outdoor Living Show is a one-stop destination where guests can enjoy live talks and demonstrations, connect with exhibitors, shop exclusive offers and plan their next summer project

Scott McGillivray, celebrated TV personality, real estate and renovation expert, offers advice about what to consider when buying a cottage 

Sue Aikens, star of Cottage Life TV's hit series Life Below Zero, gives fans a personal tour of her remote home in Kavik, Alaska
Running from March 26-28, 2021Canadian cottage goers can register for FREE admission at cottagelife.com/shows

(Toronto, ON - March 8, 2021) The annual Spring Cottage Life Show is helping Canadians plan for cottage season with the launch of the Virtual Cottage Life & Outdoor Living Show, running online from March 26–28. Following the success of last November’s Virtual Fall Cottage Life Show, the spring show, which typically takes place in-person in Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton, has gone virtual, offering Canadians nationwide the opportunity to have a variety of cottaging resources at their fingertips. The user-friendly platform allows guests to shop the latest boats, docks and water toys; chat with exhibitors; and find information on builders, contractors, innovative building products and eco-friendly solutions. Attendees can also connect with the experts of Cottage Life magazine, watch virtual seminars and participate in Q&As with guest speakers, including renowned television personality, real estate and renovation expert Scott McGillivray and Cottage Life TV’s Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens. The Virtual Cottage Life & Outdoor Living Show runs from Friday, March 26 to Sunday, March 28. Canadians nationwide can register for FREE admission at cottagelife.com/shows

Whether attendees are looking to buy their first cottage, plan a significant rebuild or small renovation, browsing for decoration inspiration, or simply looking for ways to make the most of their time away from the city, the Virtual Cottage Life & Outdoor Living Show is a one-stop online destination for both new and seasoned cottagers to find inspiration and get expert advice.  

Joining the virtual Main Stage, real estate and renovation expert, and Executive Producer and host of Scott’s Vacation House Rules, Scott McGillivray, chats with Editor of Cottage Life magazine, Michelle Kelly, about the recent real estate market boom in cottage country and offers advice on things to consider when buying a property; Cottage Coach DIYer Adam Holman demonstrates how to build a picnic table for the kids this BBQ season; Blue Ant Media’s Mobile Syrup’s Bradley Bennett gives Cottage Life magazine Associate Editor Alysha Vandertogt his top tech tips on how to work remotely and stay connected at the cottage; and FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association) Executive Director, Terry Rees, talks with Cottage Life magazine Deputy Editor Liann Bobechko about the growing interest to move to the cottage full-time. In the Cottage Life Screening Room, show-goers will be treated to an all-new episode from Cottage Life TV’s Life Below Zero, Season 8, featuring the standout star from the series, Sue Aikens. Here, attendees will also be able to watch Sue Aikens give a personal tour of her off-the-grid home in Kavik, Alaska and answer fans' questions.

Virtual Cottage Life & Outdoor Living Show Highlights:

Main Stage (Presented by Beaver Homes and Cottages): Cottage Life brings its best-in-class expertise, advice and ideas to life on a virtual stage with a lineup of can’t-miss seminars and demonstrations, including:

Scott McGillivray - Celebrated TV personality, real estate and renovation expert, Scott McGillivray, will take to the virtual stage to chat with Editor of Cottage Life magazine, Michelle Kelly, about where potential cottage buyers should start their search and what to consider when making such a life-changing purchase. Scheduled daily at 3:00 p.m. ET/12:00 p.m. PT. Guests can send Scott their questions in advance for him to answer at the show by tweeting @CottageLife on Twitter with the hashtag #CottageLifeAskScott

Adam Holman - Cottage Coach and DIYer, Adam Holman, will take audiences through a step-by-step demonstration on how to build a kids’ picnic table for your cottage—or backyard! Scheduled daily at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT. Followed by LIVE Q&A.

Mobile Syrup Tech Talk - Working remote from the cottage? Cottage Life magazine Associate Editor, Alysha Vandertogt, interviews Bradley Bennett from Blue Ant Media’s Mobile Syrup on how to become a tech-savvy cottager and stay connected up at the lake. Scheduled daily at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT. Followed by LIVE Q&A.

Peter Lillico- FOCA (Federation of Ontario’s Cottagers Association) Estate Lawyer, Peter Lillico, conducts an introductory “Cottage Succession ABCs” class, where he will break down where to begin with your succession plan.

Terry Rees - FOCA (Federation of Ontario’s Cottagers Association) Executive Director, Terry Rees, talks with Cottage Life magazine Deputy Editor, Liann Bobechko, about the growing popularity to move to the cottage full-time as a direct result of the pandemic. 

Great Outdoors (Presented by Subaru Canada): Ahead of the bird spring migration season, online show-goers can hear from expert birder and Director of Citizen Science and Community Engagement for Birds Canada/Oiseaux Canada, Jody Allair, about the exploding popularity of bird watching. Jody will reveal some recognizable bird songs to listen for at the cottage, and chat with the Editor of Cottage Life magazine, Michelle Kelly, about ways to make your property bird-friendly.

Cottage Workshop (Presented by Home Hardware): Master Cottage Life builder Wayne Lennox and workshop partner Brian Halbot show audiences how to build an economical and water-efficient outhouse. 

Cottage Lifestyle Stage (Presented by On the Water Designs): The Cottage Lifestyle Stage promises to be the social hub of the virtual show, where guests can have fun experimenting with some tasty outdoor entertaining ideas. Cottage Life resident cook Tony Armstrong returns to whip up some fun and delicious family-style meals and snacks. 

Cottage Life Screening Room (Presented by Timber Mart): To celebrate Cottage Life TV, now in Free Preview, online show-goers can catch new and returning fan-favourite shows in the Cottage Life Screening Room alongside a special guest star appearance from Life Below Zero, Sue Aikens.

Sue Aikens - Cottage Life TV’s Sue Aikens, will visit the Screening Room to give fans a personal tour of her remote home in Kavik River Camp, Alaska. Season 8 of Life Below Zero, starring Sue Aikens, premieres March 9 on Cottage Life TV during the channel’s nationwide free preview event, running now until May 2. Sue Aikens' personal tour of Kavik, Alaska is scheduled daily at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. 

The Cottage Life Screening Room playlist includes an all-new episode from Season 8 of Life Below Zero, a series produced by BBC Studios Los Angeles' production arm, and an exclusive sneak peek of the new original Cottage Life TV series Wild Pacific Rescue, which follows the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue team as they save and rehabilitate some of the ocean’s most extraordinary creatures, ahead of its world broadcast premiere on April 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Cottage Life Booth: While visiting the flagship booth, show-goers can meet and share their cottaging stories with the Cottage Life editorial team, take advantage of the Cottage Life magazine subscription offer, listen to The Cottage Life Podcast and take advantage of the Cottage Life Project Plans’ show special where guests can find everything from simple weekend DIY projects to more detailed builds. 

For the latest show details and to register for FREE admission, visit: cottagelife.com/shows.

Cottage Life Media, a division of Blue Ant Media, has been the definitive source for weekend living entertainment since 1988. Cottage Life Media publishes Cottage Life magazine and broadcasts the Cottage Life television channel across Canada. Cottage Life Media produces the annual Spring and Fall Cottage Life Shows in Toronto, the Ottawa Cottage Life & Backyard Show, Cottage Life Cabin & Outdoor Show in Edmonton and the Seasons Christmas Show in Toronto. cottagelife.com/shows


Media Contacts:

Jakki Roussel
Senior Publicist 
Blue Ant Media
T: 905.484.1787
E: jakki.roussel@blueantmedia.com

Melissa Michaels
Communications Coordinator
Blue Ant Media
T: 647.238.3775
E: melissa.michaels@blueantmedia.com