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Monday, July 22, 2019

Best Golf Trips in Niagara, Muskoka; Going buggy at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory; Beware of Discovery Harbour ghosts

   One-Tank Trip for July 20/19

     (c) By Jim Fox

   In these days of a rapidly evolving employment market some of the best jobs are created when someone is able to combine his or her passions.
   Jordan Mulligan has done that by blending an interest in golf with his previous job with Muskoka Tourism.
   It looks like a good fit as he is now director of Best Golf Trips based in Bala.
The links are waiting in Niagara and Muskoka.

   “My new labour of love is a golf travel agency focusing on two locations this year: Niagara and Muskoka, two of Ontario’s most popular destinations,” he said.

   Fore Niagara
   Niagara has long been considered a great golf destination, boasting a collection of courses that reflect the region’s natural beauty, Mulligan said
    The area is home to dozens of golf courses characterized by their expertly manicured conditions, beautiful gardens and lush, parkland settings.
   The opening of the Legends on the Niagara in 2002 helped solidify the area as a golf destination.
   Niagara has been a popular golf destination for two decades, with more than two dozen courses and fine hotels and attractions.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Go buggy at the Outdoor Butterfly and Bug Hunt Weekend at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

    CAMBRIDGE, Ontario --Go buggy at the Outdoor Butterfly and Bug Hunt Weekend (July 20 and 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.
   Visitors join nature interpreters on the hunt in the wildflower meadow that’s home to thousands of tiny critters.
The Golden Birdwing butterfly rests on a tropical plant at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. (Jim Fox photo)
    There’s an insect scavenger hunt, with a net and collection jar provided, and examining and identifying the specimens, face painting, crafts and seminars. 

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

"Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love" rocks on for Elvis fans at festivals, stage shows

   One-Tank Trip for July 13/19

   (c) By Jim Fox

   This could be called the summer of Elvis as there will be numerous sightings of what appears to be the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” around southern Ontario.
   Keep a watch for multiple Elvi’s in Collingwood and Tweed at festivals in his honour.
   Even as Elvis “left the building” for good with his death at age 42 in 1977, his aura and popularity continue unabated.
   There are shows around the world and even an all-Elvis channel on Sirius-XM satellite radio.
   Fans from around the world show up daily to visit Graceland, his mansion in Memphis.
Visitors arrive daily to pay respects to Elvis at his grave site at the Graceland estate in Memphis. (Photo by Jim Fox)
   In Niagara Falls, Steve Michaels (Kabakos), of Milton who sings, moves, grooves and bears an uncanny resemblance to the king appears in concert from Sept. 5 to 15 at Fallsview Casino Resort.
   There’s a really big show in Collingwood with more than 100 Elvis “tribute artists” for this year’s 25th anniversary from July 26 to 28.
   Fans are still wondering if this will be the last Elvis fest there and are saying to the town council “Don’t be Cruel” and pull the plug.
   There’s new hope now even after councillors withdrew their support starting next year due to rising costs and administrative concerns.
   The town is considering turning it over to a suitable sponsor as a “facilitator” with council’s oversight.
Elvis tribute artists will be rocking and rolling at the annual Collingwood festival. (Photo by Dave West)
    Thousands of fans jam downtown streets and stages throughout town for what is recognized as the world’s largest annual gathering of Elvis tribute artists.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Scenic Elora and Fergus are hits on Instagram

   One-Tank Trip for July 6/19

   (c) By Jim Fox

   In years gone by, family and friends would gather around a slide projector to experience the latest holiday trip.
   Aside from trying to look interested, problems would crop up such as slides upside down and backwards, jamming and even the projector light bulb burning out in mid-trip.
   Instagram has changed all that as the photo and video-sharing social networking service highlights trip photos including who was there and, yes, showing what everyone was eating – at all meals.
Popular for adventurers, the Elora Gorge is one of the most spectacular natural areas in the Grand River Valley.
    “Scrolling through Instagram, people often find themselves stricken with a serious case of wanderlust,” said publicist Stephen Murdoch of Enterprise Canada.
   They dream of trekking to exotic destinations around the globe as “travel influencers and enthusiasts are constantly capturing mesmerizing shots and sharing captivating candids sure to make their followers jealous,” he added.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The puppets are coming to Stratford, July 2019

 (News Release)

 STRATFORD – Stratford can expect sightings of unique creatures soon.

Puppets of every shape, size and colour hit the streets for the second annual PuppetWorks! mini-fest (July 12-14, 2019) brought to Stratford by SpringWorks Festivals. 

Market Square and City Hall will be the main venues for the festival, with shows for children, families and adults. You may also get pleasantly surprised by an impromptu puppet appearance or busking performance around the downtown.

Six different puppet troupes and three strolling street performance troupes comprise the puppet excitement ready to hit the Festival City.

“Les chasseurs de rĂªves”  of Simon Rioux- Les Oiseaux

“Puppets speak an international language, even when they are saying nothing at all,” says SpringWorks Artistic Director, Eileen Smith. “There is something about the art of puppetry that can communicate so well the spectrum of human stories, be they sad, dramatic, funny or whimsical.”