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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Say "Cheese" in Stratford

(STRATFORD, ON) Savour Stratford presents Stratford Says “Cheese” Week to welcome the Canadian Dairy XPO with delicious cheese features at 13 great Stratford restaurants, cafés and food shops February 3 through 10.

If you like cheese, then you’ll love the delicious cheese dishes offered in Stratford February 3 – 10. Sample small batch regional cheeses, a delectable gourmet cheese ball and even chocolate at food shops.

Relax with a local cheese plate for two paired with a taste of Ontario wines.  Warm up with hearty winter favourites, soups of cheddar and ale or potatoes and cheese, juicy burgers topped with old cheddar, camembert, gorgonzola or goat cheese and everyone’s go-to comfort food, grilled cheese.

From mild to sharp, from Paneer to Toscano, you’re invited to explore some new cheeses and expand your palate during Stratford Says Cheese week.

Visit these businesses and ask for the Stratford Says "Cheese" specials. Go to www.visitstratford.ca/cheese to learn more about cheese features at each of these participating Stratford stops:                                               
Backstage Bar & Grill, 27 Market Place
Canadian Grub to Go, 85 Downie Street
Foster’s Inn Restaurant, 111 Downie Street
Kitchen Connaisseur, 75 Ontario Street
Mercer Hall Restaurant, 104 Ontario Street
The Milky Whey, 118 Ontario Street
Monforte Dairy, 49 Griffith Road
Pazzo Bakery, 76 Ontario Street
Pazzo Pizzeria, 70 Ontario Street
Revel Caffè, 37 Market Place
Rhéo Thompson Candies, 55 Albert Street
Treasures, 151 Ontario Street
Your Local Market Coop, 129 Downie Street

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For additional information about the Canadian Dairy XPO, February 6 & 7, 2013 please visit www.dairyxpo.ca

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