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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oxfordlicious‏ means good eating and touring in Oxford County

Woodstock, ON – On the cusp of the annual September farm-to-table celebration Oxfordlicious, it’s time for your taste buds and all senses to be on high alert for an unsurpassed treat of local produce and mouth-watering, affordable fine cuisine.

Spearheaded by Tourism Oxford, the popular event features special feature “local menus” at several county restaurants, demonstrates the fun behind shopping the back roads for gourmet ingredients and invites guests to entertaining events with a culinary component.

Who can resist the tempting delights of treats like Speculaas Spiced Waffles with warm apple sauce, Y U Ranch Beef shank braised in Ramblin’ Road Dakota Pearl Ale with chive mashed potato seasonal vegetables and tobacco onions, and so many other culinary offerings?

“There is so much at Oxfordlicious,” said Meredith Maywood of Tourism Oxford. “This year you can win an Oxford County culinary experience, getting an entry ballot with every Oxfordlicious meal, shop and event.

Oxford County Library is also participating this year, handing out ballots with every cook book people borrow during the month of September.  Dine, shop, and cook local food.  What a great way to celebrate the harvest”

“Prizes include a Taste of Oxford basket full of locally produced products, gift cards local culinary attractions, and 1 of 2 Oxford Fresh Escapes that include accommodations & dinner.”

Consider the words of two participating restaurateurs.

Oxfordlicious is excellent for Oxford County,” said Cindy Larsen, co-owner (with husband Brian) of Quehl’s Restaurant. “It’s particularly meaningful for this establishment because here it has been local meat and produce since day one back in 1931. We love being part of this wonderful event.”

Chef and co-owner Eric Boyar (with his mother Pauline Bucek) of the Six Thirty Nine restaurant says the event is ideal because their establishment serves local produce daily. “We are great advocators of Oxfordlicious because it showcases all Oxford from producers to restaurateurs like us, getting so many involved in a positive way and treating residents and visitors alike to great homegrown cuisine.”

For menus and details about Oxfordlicious visit www.oxfordfresh.com

About Tourism Oxford: Based in Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, Tourism Oxford, is developing a reputation as a culinary tourism destination.  Home of Oxford Fresh, a group of chefs, restaurants and food producers dedicated to the promotion of local food; and to the Oxford County Cheese Trail which includes cheese making now and then with stops at area cheese producers, artisanal producers, and museums.

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