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Monday, December 1, 2014

A "white Christmas" holiday exhibit at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Cambridge, ON -- It's going to be a white Christmas again this year at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory with the opening of the 6th annual Flight of White exhibition December 6th.

This truly unique holiday exhibit transforms the tropical Butterfly Conservatory into a magical oasis featuring 1000's of additional Rice Paper butterflies that flutter like snowflakes throughout the Conservatory. 
 With a wingspan of up to 14cm, the Rice Paper Butterfly, a large white relative of the Monarch, is impossible to miss as it floats through the air moving gently from flower to flower.
 The Flight of White experience also includes lush tropical poinsettia flowers, 1000's of sparking white lights, and soft strains of classical music playing in the background.

"The Rice Paper is a favourite of our guests because among all of our butterflies they land on visitors most often" says Adrienne Brewster, Executive Director and Curator at the Conservatory.

As visitors stroll through the exhibit they will encounter fascinating information about the Rice Paper's behaviour and biology. The Flight of White exhibit is a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of holiday activities".

Flight of White opens December 6th and continues through the holiday season until January 30th, 2015.   For more details contact Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory at 519 653 1234 Ex 100 or visit www.cambridgebutterfly.com

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