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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Door Open Oxford events highlight rural roots

WOODSTOCK, Ont. -- This year's Doors Open Oxford theme is celebrating our rural roots, with a variety of sites connected to agriculture or what we ate, way back when.
We're holding an orientation session at the County admin building in Council Chambers, beginning with each of the sites briefly explaining what the public will see on September 22nd.
Here's a brief rundown on what's happing on the 22nd:
Annandale - this was the site of E.D.Tillson's model farm built in the 1880s with displays depicting that.  Fascinating.  As well they's display   the James Pollard Estate collection of early cameras and photography depicting life in Tillsonburg and area in simpler times.
Birtch Farms - the story of how this farm developed into today's value-added ag story
Blenheim Trout Farm - tours of the former Ross Livington trout farm, located near Washington
OPAG Country Backroads photography exhibit - featuring diverse glimpses of life in rural Oxford
Godelie Family Farm - formerly a successful modern tobacco farm, this fruit and vegetable operation shows once again another diversification from tobacco
Ingersoll Cheese Museum - at one time during the 1800s there were 98 cheese factoried operating across Oxford.  We're fortunate to have this unique museum as part of Doors Open this year
Jakeman's - voted by the National Post (twice) as the best-tasting maple syrup in Canada, this fifth-generation family originally learned how to make maple syrup from local Natives
Lawson Tract - guided tours pointing out edible wild and medicinal wild plants throughout the woods and wetlands
Mayberryhill Farm and Kempen - two Goat Dairy Operations who will be openining their doors for Doors Open Oxford tours  
Norwich Quaker Museum - learn about this hard-working religious society who settled the Norwich area hundreds of years ago
Oak Manor Farms - pioneers in the organic grains industry in Canada
Oxford Honey and Supplies - see beekeeping demonstrations and learn how blossoms and honey are intricately connected through bees
Ross Butler Ag Art Gallery - Canada's legendary livestock artist's legacy lives on
Southwestern Ontario Draft Horse Association - will be setting up camp near the Jakeman's with chuck wagons and draft horses, and cooking around the campfire
Zorra Caledonian Society - telling the stories of early Scottish settlers in the Embro area

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