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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Harbourfront Centre Toronto March Break/Summer Camps

Registration is just a click away!
TORONTO, ON (Feb. 28, 2013) – Registrations continue to roll in for Harbourfront Centre’s highly-praised and critically acclaimed March Break Camps (Mar.11-15), and Summer Camps (July 2–Aug.30), offering a variety of programmes to children ages 3-15.

From dramatic theatre and dance camps, to exciting sports and discovery camps, to thrilling sailing and circus camps, inspiring adventures await every child in 2013.

"Out of all of the camps that we sent our kids to ... I found (Harbourfront Centre) to be the best. It was a really positive experience." ~ Parent of former campers

For almost 35 years, Harbourfront Centre, the heart of Toronto’s waterfront, has been a leader in providing accessible, innovative programmes to families across the Greater Toronto Area. As one of the largest day camp programmes in Canada, Harbourfront Centre offers a multitude of exhilarating camps, at a convenient downtown location and the best counselors in the city.

New March Break programmes include Camp PawsWay, where campers learn about cats and dogs, their origins, health, training, basic tricks and more through a week of pet-themed activities, games, arts and exploration with the help of our cam dog, Cooper.  Another new offering, in response to growing demand, is Eco Explorers, where campers learn how they can make a difference in our environment by exploring Toronto’s waterfront and green spaces.

Harbourfront Centre is also proud of its new groundbreaking programmes for Summer Camps, including French-language programming with Collège Boréal and overnight camps in partnership with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority at their beautiful Lake St. George Field Centre.

Other new programmes include our annual favourite Baker's Dozen programme for older campers, ages 8-12, in partnership with Liaison College of Culinary Arts and a new Sr. Digital Photo Camp that takes photography to the next level by exploring advanced digital photography concepts.  Sailing and paddling programmes are always popular along the lake with the introduction of new camps including Sailing Counselor-in-Training (Sailing CIT), Jr. Intro to Sailing and a Paddle Canada Kayak Course.  With over 70 programmes to choose from, there is definitely something for every child this summer!

The Camps Office is located on the third floor of York Quay Centre at 235 Queens Quay West. Regular office hours during off-season are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. During camp sessions, office hours are 7:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  The Camps Office phone number is 416-973-4093.

To register online visit http://bit.ly/13ajdC9

Visit  harbourfrontcentre.com/gettinghere  for information about getting here during the Queens Quay Revitalization.
MARCH BREAK CAMPS: March 11-15, 2013
Camp by the Water               
Ages 3-5
A safe and nurturing environment for first-time campers, encouraging new friendships, camper enrichment, creativity and self-expression. Small groups offer a low camper-to-counselor ratio, ensuring safe supervision and individual attention while encouraging camper learning and development.       
Dance, Dance, Dance                                                
Ages 5-7
Bust a move! In this camp, budding dance stars explore various forms of dance and creative movement while improving confidence and stage presence. At the end of the week, campers will have the chance to perform their new skills in front of friends and family. 
Discovery Day Camp                                                               
Ages 6-8                                           
Through a variety of arts and craft projects, drama and active games, science activities, and cooperative programming, your child explores a world of imagination, creativity and culture. A well-rounded camp perfect for any child.
Jr. Baker’s Dozen                                                        
Ages 6-8                                           
In partnership with Liaison College of Culinary Arts, young bakers learn the art – and science – of baking under the guidance of a professional chef instructor.  A one-of-a-kind experience that will foster an appreciation for the food we eat – and the work that goes into preparing it.
Junior Circus Camp                                  
Ages 6-10                                         
Time to run away and join the circus. Our wildly popular Junior Circus Camp includes acrobatics, trapeze and clowning with equipment specially designed with youth and safety in mind. Circus professionals, along with our highly skilled camp counselors, maximize safety and fun!
This camp is coordinated by Marsha Kennington, a circus professional and instructor with over 30 years of experience. Marsha’s staff of qualified circus professionals allows groups and individuals to move at their own pace in accordance with age and ability.    
Creative Arts                                                
Ages 6-10                                         
A camp custom-built for creative minds. Through lively workshop sessions – emphasizing both personal creativity and technique – your child will understand art in a whole new way. Artist educators will awaken and foster imagination, creativity and artistic vision.
NEW! Camp PawsWay                                                                                            
Ages 7-9
An exciting new camp tailor-made for young animal lovers! In partnership with PawsWay, a unique centre devoted to the understanding and celebration of pets, campers learn about cats and dogs, their origins, health, training, basic tricks and more. A fun-filled week of pet-themed activities, games, arts and exploration.
Architecture Camp                                                   
Ages 8-12                                         
Modeling, engineering, and architectural activities are just some of the things your child will experience in this unique camp. They’ll develop skills through the design process, negotiation, decision making and problem solving. Basic concepts of architecture and urban planning or design are explored. 
Chess Challenge                                                                         
Ages 8-12                                         
Checkmate! Chess enthusiasts, from beginner to advanced, enjoy unparalleled instruction in strategy. Under the guidance of a skilled chess specialist, your child will learn to "see" the chessboard as tournament professionals do, as well as how to open a game, defend a piece, mate, avoid stalemate and more.
Comic Book Camp                     
Ages 8-12
A camp where the imagination reigns. Working with comic book enthusiasts, campers learn how to put their creativity to the page. Concepts are explored that promise to inspire, engage and encourage your child to fully harness their potential, bringing their visions to life and creating their very own comic book.
Digital Photo Camp                  
Ages 8-12
Your children will learn the tools of good photography in this innovative course. Campers learn creative vision and composition and shooting techniques through the lens of our digital cameras (provided). Campers will create, manipulate and edit digital photographs on various projects.
NEW! Eco Explorers                                                                                
Ages 8-12
With emphasis on urban sustainability and environmental stewardship, campers learn how they can make a difference in our environment by exploring Toronto’s waterfront and green spaces. They’ll also take part in science-based experiments and environmental art projects.
Pop Star                                                                                                                            |
Ages 8-12
A star is born! Working with skilled musicians and choreographers, campers participate in vocal and dance workshops designed to take their talent to the next level. They’ll perform different genres of music and develop their vocals and dance skills in preparation for the big event – their own music video and live performance!
Ages 8-12                                         
Does your child love being in the spotlight? Here’s the perfect camp. Working together with experienced staff, your child will learn various aspects of performance and theatre production while rehearsing and preparing for a theatrical show – which will be presented at the end of camp!
Emerging Chef Challenge                                    
Ages 9-12                                         
In partnership with the largest trainer of chefs and cooks in Ontario, Liaison College of Culinary Arts, young chefs learn the fundaments of cooking and nutrition while they create mouth-watering dishes in a state-of-the-art kitchen under the guidance of chef instructors.
Fashion Camp                                                                              
Ages 10-13
Time to work the runway! Aspiring fashion designers learn how to create sketches, illustrate, design and execute projects from start to finish. Campers work with raw fabrics and recycled clothing to craft their final masterpieces, which they’ll showcase at the camp’s very own runway show!
Dungeons & Dragons                             
Ages 10-15                                      
Widely regarded as the beginning of modern day role-playing games, D&D allows campers to harness their imaginations through assumed characters, overcome obstacles and outwit opponents. A great way to foster cooperation, independence and problem-solving skills. Suitable for first-time players or for experienced D&Ders.
Senior Fine Arts                                                                                         
Ages 11-15                                      
For campers looking to move to the next artistic level. With emphasis on both personal creativity and fine art techniques, campers learn the skills of art appreciation and critiquing through engaging workshop sessions under the guidance of artists. The camp culminates with an end-of-session art expo of their work.

Harbourfront Centre is a Canadian charity operating the 10 prime acres of Toronto's central waterfront as a free and open public site. We celebrate the multiplicities of cultures that comprise Canada and enliven the city through the creative imaginations of artists from across the country and around the globe. Harbourfront Centre attracts more than 17 million visits to its site each year to experience 4,000 diverse public events and activities. Harbourfront Centre receives operational support from the Government of Canada and the City of Toronto and programme funding from all levels of government, the private sector and individual donors.
By choosing Harbourfront Centre Camps, you’re supporting year-round programming and events. The revenue generated from the camps programming goes towards the funding of weekend festivals, music concerts, dance performances, visual arts and HarbourKIDs, our three, free children’s festivals.

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