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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five camping tips from Bingemans of Kitchener to help you get the most out of the great outdoors

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KITCHENER, Ont. – The beginning of summer in Canada means it’s time for many families to start planning their camping trips.

“Aside from hockey, camping is one of the most iconic Canadian past-times,” said Gary Moore of Bingemans. “While camping can be a relaxing vacation that helps families reconnect with one another, it’s important to properly prepare and not forget some simple but essential items.”

To help families prepare for their camping vacation this summer, Bingemans has outlined some tips to keep in mind when planning a trip to the great outdoors:

Pack it up – When packing your food items for your time in the wilderness be sure to wrap items well to keep bugs and dirt out. When considering what beverages to bring, think cans or plastic bottles and leave glass items at home. Cans and plastic are lighter and also safer, preventing broken glass in the camp ground.

Ziploc bags are the secret – Ziploc bags can be considered the duct tape of camping. You will always have a use for Ziploc bags of different sizes so be sure to bring a bunch. They can be used for obvious reasons like food storage and food preparation, but they can also be used as safe garbage bags that will keep bugs and animals out, waterproof storage for matches or even filled with air and used as a makeshift pillow. 

Make a list – If you’re planning on camping for a few days, especially with children, be sure to make a list of all of the items that you need. It’s simple but it will keep you organized and sane the day before you leave and if you make the list far in advance you can add to it as you think of more things. A few important things that can be overlooked are prescription medication, extra sunscreen, a cell phone charger, and a can opener. For a pre-made list of things you should bring, check out Bingemans’ list for campers.

Campfires and fire prevention – Before starting a fire at your campsite, check with the campground authorities or the local municipality to see if you’re allowed to safely start a fire. Use the fire pit, or if there isn’t one at your site, find a safe spot away from trees. Don’t forget a lighter or matches! A quick tip to keep the campsite safe at night - mark a path with glow sticks from the fire pit to your tent.

Keep busy – Camping can be fun and relaxing but make sure you have some back up plans in case it rains or sitting around in the sun gets too tedious for the kids. Choose a campground that is close to other entertainment amenities so you can take a break from roughing it and enjoy some time at a water park, the mall or a farmers’ market.

About Bingemans

Located in Southwestern Ontario, Bingemans includes Big Splash waterpark, Funworx indoor playland, and coming July 2013 Kingpin Bowlounge & Boston Pizza. Bingemans also owns and operates a catering service, a conference centre and a camping resort. Our camping resort is located on 170 acres of land along the picturesque Grand River and has over 450 individual campsites.  For the non-tent or trailer camper, Bingemans also offers Cabins & Yurts so everyone can enjoy the fun camping experience. 

For more information on camping at Bingemans, please visit Bingemans.com


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