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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Counting down for the opening of the Giant Panda experience at the Toronto Zoo

In celebration of this historic event we are launching a
Giant Panda Countdown!
Did you know: Panda cubs are born blind and weigh only 80-220 grams at birth. That's a size of a 
stick of butter! The newborns are pink in colour, with short sparse white hair and are 1/900th the size of
 their mother. If the mother gives birth to two cubs she will only look after one of them. When two cubs are 
born in captivity keepers will help raise both cubs using a method called "twin swapping". One baby is left 
with the mother and the keepers switch the twins every few days so each one gets care and milk directly
 from the mother. Now that's teamwork!
Exhibit Opens May 18, 2013

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