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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory opens new exhibit from the Royal Ontario Museum

 Hands On Nature
Exhibition Date:         June 24, 2013 – October 13, 2013

Cambridge (Ontario) --  Ontario residents are stewards to more than 1 million square kilometres of land and water, 250,000 lakes, 500,000 streams and over 30,000 species of plant and animal life. 

Although the ecosystems that support this diversity are dynamic and resilient, threats to our biodiversity are increasing and biodiversity losses are occurring.

Conserving Ontario’s biodiversity is important because healthy ecosystems sustain healthy people and a healthy economy. 

Habitat destruction is the most serious threat to biodiversity, but there are others as well.  Particular problems in this era of globalization are the trade in endangered species and the introduction of non-native species, which can have devastating consequences. 
Fortunately there are people and organizations that strive to preserve or restore native habitats and species, and Hands-on Nature, an interactive exhibit, encourages participation in these efforts.

Based on the popular Hands-on Biodiversity Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum, this exhibition features mounted specimens and includes several touchable and interactive elements built into the case drawers.

The topics covered include:  Diversity of Life, Biomes of Canada, Species Interactions, Invasive Species, Endangered Species and Conservation.  Hands-on Nature  features the diversity of life in Canada and emphasizes our role as Canadians in preserving and restoring the habitats around us.
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