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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Toronto Zoo giant panda cubs update Week 8

TORONTO, ON, Wednesday, December 9, 2015: The giant panda cubs' eyes are now partially open! This milestone can take place anywhere between six to eight weeks of age.

They are sensitive to both light and dark, but do not have any resolution yet. Not only are their eyes opening, but their vocalizations are becoming stronger each day, developing from what once was a quiet squeak to what can now be described as a stronger squawk.

Both cubs continue to grow, with their last weights both being over 2,000 grams and they average 48 centimetres in length from the tip of their head to tip of the tail!

CLICK HERE to watch the latest video of our giant panda cubs.

Photo credit: Toronto Zoo

Photo credit: Toronto Zoo

This is still a very critical time for these cubs. Both Er Shun and the cubs will remain in the maternity den which is not viewable to the public however, Er Shun periodically has access to her day room to promote exercise and to give her a chance to eat her bamboo. 

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