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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Calling all 'ghouls' and boys; gore galore -- can you dig it?

    One-Tank Trip for Sept. 22/18

     (c) By Jim Fox

   If the promise of “nine gruesome and terrifying testing sites” is your kind of fun, then head to Screampark: The Experiment in Kitchener.
   The attraction at Bingemans’ park is called “Canada’s scariest haunted attraction” that’s about to get even more terrifying.
   “Some people can handle a full evening of continuous horror, look terror in the eye and laugh,” says Mark Bingeman, park president.
   “Others need to find the emergency exit as soon as they encounter their first zombie or chainsaw wielding lunatic,” he adds.
A creepy cast of characters welcomes visitors to Screampark.
   The previous haunted-house experiences had “guests” go through multiple haunts with a break in between each house.

   That happens no longer as Bingemans has created “one continuous and epic experience with gruesome and terrifying sites to make Screampark as frightening as we could in its 13th year,” said publicist Stephen Murdoch.
   The haunting just keeps on coming starting Sept. 28 with all manners of creepy characters ready to scare and “examine” guests as they make their way through the testing sites.

   Enter if you dare
  A scary gas-masked inhabitant of Screampark.
   Here’s a look at what awaits the unsuspecting victims – I mean “guests” – as they get the courage to enter these sites:
   - Waiting Room – Are you waiting to be seen or are you already being observed? Don’t lose your focus in a magazine in this waiting room.
   - Preparation Penitentiary – See where you might end up if you can’t handle the testing ahead.
   - Quarantine Zone – You’ve made it through the first test but now you must be quarantined. What does that mean? Only the examiners know.
   - Experimental Grounds – The examiners have their own twisted agenda and will use this area to decide if you’re worthy of their warped experiments.
Gore galore at Screampark: The Experiment
    - The Dietary and Claustrophobic Test – Good news, you’ve passed the first half of testing.
   This is your only chance to take a breather and perhaps indulge in some questionable delicacies and fluids.
   You’ll also have the chance to face a terrifying fear of being buried alive.
   - Ocular Observatory – Are your eyes playing tricks on you? The examiners will be thrilled to check for you. They’re oddly invested in your optic health.
   - Pitch Path – This is not your average walk in the park. Your hearing will be assaulted and you won’t know if you’re imagining the sounds until an examiner is right beside you.
   - The Maze Trials – Is your memory still intact? Good. Time to make your way out of the maze.
   - The Final Experiment – Are you ready to face civilization? The examiners will let you meet those who have failed the experiment but watch out, they might not let you leave.
   Also happening is the fan favourite Zombie Paintball Hunt ($16) on Oct. 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27.
   Visitors can hunt zombies and save humanity without the fear of being hunted themselves.

   If you dare go:
   Screampark is open Sept. 28 to Oct. 14 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.; Oct. 18, 21, 23 to 25 and 28 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.; and Oct. 19, 20, 26 and 27 from 7 p.m. to midnight.
   On-line ticket prices are $25, Monday to Thursday; and $30, Friday to Sunday. Skip the line and get to the horror faster with the VIP Line Speed Pass for $7 extra.
   There’s also a Screampark Experiment Package ($80) including two park admissions with speed passes and a $25 coupon for the on-site Boston Pizza restaurant.
   Screampark is at 425 Bingemans Centre Drive in Kitchener. Details and tickets at screampark.ca; or call (519) 744-1555
   A preview of the frights that await can be seen by checking out Screampark on YouTube.


Jim Fox can be reached at onetanktrips@hotmail.com
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