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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spies of Barrie, puzzling interactive adventure, coming to Barrie in September

Spies of Barrie, an interactive puzzle adventure game, is coming to downtown Barrie Sept. 14 & 21.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: solve as many of the 30 puzzles hidden around downtown Barrie as you can within 60 minutes.

Similar to The Amazing Race or MIT’s Puzzle HuntSpies of Barrie is an interactive puzzle game designed to challenge the minds of its players and celebrate local businesses and artists.

Chapter One: New Recruits has you in the role of a new spy being tested by The Agency for placement in future missions. You and your fellow spies will meet at the rendezvous point (a secret location provided only to ticket holders) where you must complete your first task: locate your spy kit! Spy kits include a map with the puzzle locations, instructions of what to do once you arrive at them, as well as the location of the final meeting place. You have ultimate freedom to devise your own tactics for playing the game; you may collaborate or work individually. But be careful: double agents lurk at every corner.

“This is a chance for puzzle-lovers and fans of The Amazing Race to participate in Barrie’s very own game! By Barrie, for Barrie – this event features a multitude of local businesses and talent.” ~ Vanessa B Baylen (creator)

Puzzles will be hidden around downtown Barrie and must be solved within the allotted time. Puzzles may include brain teasers, such as physical, visual, linguistic, and mathematical puzzles. No specialist knowledge or tools (like a smart phone, GPS) are required and the puzzles are ‘Google proof’. Although puzzles are designed at an adult level the game is suitable for ages 7 and up.

For Barrie locals this is an out-of-the-ordinary way to explore the city, while Spies of Barrie is a perfect way for out-of-towners to get to know beautiful downtown Barrie in the early Fall.

For more information, ticketing, and example puzzles go to www.SpiesofBarrie.ca

Saturdays, September 14 & 21
11am, 1pm, and 3pm
Max 50 spies/participants per sesion, 75min duration

Presented by WhoDunnit Events, created by Vanessa B Baylen
Funded in part by The City of Barrie

Born in Canada and raised in Australia, Vanessa B Baylen been creating interactive experiences since 2003. Spies of Barrie is her North American debut and a brand new event! Vanessa’s international accolades include a sold out season at world’s largest arts festival (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) and her awards include “Best Special Event” (Melbourne Fringe Festival).

"I was blown away with the professionalism and sheer ingenuity of this concept" ~ Scotsgay
"Audience pleaser... I can attest that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves" ~ The Scotsman
"The whole experience was slickly orchestrated proving Baylen knows exactly what she's doing" ~ Fringe Review
"Magnificent... an experience you must not miss" ~ Scotsgay

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