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Monday, March 31, 2014

Ahhh, the spa at Skyline Hotels & Resorts

(News Release)

The winter weather can be harsh on delicate skin and this year was no exception.

Those seeking relief from dry winter worn skin don’t need to look any further than Shizen Spa at Skyline Hotels & Resorts for relief.

With the perfect treatments to get you ready for the summer months ahead, Shizen Spa has your spring essentials covered.

Description: Description: \\hq-dc\Media\PHOTOS OF DESTINATIONS\SHIZEN\GENERIC SPA\low res\shizen_spa_massage_04.jpgFor tired minds, bodies and souls...
Find your escape within the hustle and bustle of the city at Shizen Spa in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Hit pause on your day and get away from it all with the Thai Herbal Massage. The treatment combines the beneficial and re-mineralizing virtues of sea salt and lavender with original massage technique inspired by Thai tradition. Using sweeping strokes, pressure and stretching and the application of steam heated compresses your Shizen therapist will restore balance to your body and give you a sensation of absolute well-being. Treatments start at $135 for 75 minute massage.

Description: Description: \\hq-dc\Media\PHOTOS OF DESTINATIONS\SHIZEN\GENERIC SPA\shizen_spa_bigstock_03.jpgFor dry and tired skin...
Winter can take its toll on our bodies, especially with the harsh cold we experienced this year. Shizen Spa in Pantages Hotel Toronto Centre has everything you need to invigorate your skin for the summer. Feel the stress leave your body and have your skin restored with the Shizen Body Wrap. This detoxifying and hydrating body wrap will leave you feeling soothed, restored and ready to take on the sunny weather featuring a choice of two aromatic essential oil blends. Treatments start at $115 for 60 minutes.

Description: Description: \\hq-dc\Media\PHOTOS OF DESTINATIONS\SHIZEN\SHIZEN DEERHURST\shizen_spa_deerhurst_entrance_07.jpgFor a total escape...
Looking to get away, relax and rejuvenate for spring? Deerhurst and Horseshoe Resorts have the perfect package for you to get revitalized for spring. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the Spa Your Way package. This package includes one night accommodation for two and a $100 Shizen Spa credit. Choose from a variety of treatments to get you energized and ready for warmer weather. Whether you and a girlfriend need to get away for a weekend or you and your significant other want to pamper yourselves, Shizen Spa has everything you need to get spoiled for spring. Packages start at $199 at Deerhurst Resort and $279 at Horseshoe Resort per night.

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