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Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter Wings Over Niagara and luncheon

(News Release)
Ten participants with guides, NF, Dec. 7, 2014 (Photo by Dave Robinson)
The phenomenon of thousands of birds flying in to overwinter along the raging Niagara River every year, is the reason local people site hundreds of people lining the Niagara River lookouts from mid-November through December.

This world famous bird migration attracts birders from all around the world.

On Saturday, December 5 Niagara Nature Tours has arranged for two distinguished guides to lead a tour along the Niagara River to discover why it’s been called a paradise for over wintering waterfowl and gulls. 

Avid birder John Black, retired Brock University physics professor, and Dan Salisbury, a second-generation birder from the Niagara Peninsula will be leading this bus tour.  With limited walking this outing is excellent for young and old, experts and novices.

Carla Carlson, the owner of Niagara Nature Tours said they have transportation and a special luncheon, for a day of camaraderie and fun. They will be using scopes and with expert guidance be able to see individual birds very clearly.

The Niagara River Corridor, a globally significant bird area for gulls and waterfowl also includes a myriad of bird species including loons, vultures, grebes, swans, peregrine falcons and bald eagles. 

It supports one of the world’s most spectacular concentrations of gulls, with 21 species recorded and one-day counts of over 100,000 individuals.  Having migrated south from Greenland and the Canadian Arctic they feed on alewives, shiners and other small fish in the rushing open water of the Niagara River.

In 1996 the Niagara River was designated an Important Bird Area, (IBA) and became the first site to be identified jointly as a globally significant IBA by both Canada and the US.

IF you’d like to stay at my Bonnybank Bed and Breakfast in the middle of The Owl Foundation in Vineland Station, Jordan Harbour/Twenty Mile Creek for this tour, I have two specials.  10% off for one night or if you want to stay two nights, the second night is 1/2 price.

We are in the middle of The Owl Foundation, and my home was built by the Owl Lady’s parents and she, Kay McKeever, was raised in my home, Bonnybank.   https://www.facebook.com/bonnybankbedandbreakfast?ref=hl or www.bonnybank.ca

For further questions or to book, please contact Niagara Nature Tours at 1-888-889-8296 or 905-562-3746 or info@niagaranaturetours.ca 

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